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Happy 80th Birthday to Keith Baker!

Keith Baker — December 12, 2020

An 80th birthday is a very special birthday.
It deserves to be celebrated, and it warrants a special kind of celebration.

During the ATA\SCTP event on Saturday, hundreds of trap shooters paused to honor our very own Junior Shotgun Director Keith Baker with some tasty cake, well-wishes and good-natured ribbing. Happy 80th Birthday Keith!

The SLSA Range is Now Open to Members and their Immediate Family as described in our SOP.
Guests who are hosted by Members are welcome during the weekend (Saturday & Sunday).

The General Public is invited to participate in monthly Varmint, Black Powder and High Power Rifle Matches, as well as Trap & Skeet shoots on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. Welcome back!

Please check the Club Calendar for specific program dates and times.
Social Distancing rules shall remain in effect.

Your Board of Directors met on May 5th to establish a set of COVID-19 Safety Guidelines that follow County guidance. Please read this document and become familiar with it.

In order to maintain a six-foot distance between shooters, we have cordoned off some benches on the Rifle Range and established marked shooting lanes on the Pistol Range.

Rifle Range – 13 benches
Pistol Range – 8 lanes

To provide increased accessibility, the Pistol Range will have an additional portable target at the seldom used 50 yard target lane.

This new configuration could reduce availability at any time. That being the case, time limits have been established when availability becomes constrained.

Rifle Range – 2 hours
Pistol Range – 1 hour

Please use the Sign In sheets that are posted at the Red Light switch on both ranges.

We encourage you to follow the customary code of polite behavior and range etiquette at all times, and especially during limited access to the range.

Due to the Covid-19 moratorium on group meetings in enclosed spaces, we are now providing online registration for qualified new members.

Please visit our How To Join page to see how you can become a member today.

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SLSA wishes to thank the NRA Foundation for providing a grant to build new sliding lids on our trap & skeet houses. The project is now complete and quite successful. Thank you for supporting our club!

Some work to each house was needed before the new lids were installed. Many thanks to Gary Hazard, Jim Thorpe and Butch Phillips for their hard work and dedication to the club!


Pistol & Rifle
Winter Range Hours

9:00 am – 4:30 pm

9:00 am – 4:30 pm